Humble Beginning

I have always been creative. I grew up as an aspiring writer with a keen interest in digital art, graphics, and multimedia design. Shapiro Creations was my vision, a brand focused on bringing ideas to life. I was living in Johannesburg at the time and put many years into understanding and incorporating basic design principles. I was working hard and focused majority of my time building vector graphics and logos in Adobe Illustrator.

I spent my early design years memorising new design techniques to build my brand and was proud of what I could create. In 2012 I discovered Adobe After Effects and my career took a massive gear shift. Not only could I build basic vector graphics, but I could make them move too. My early video designs came in the form of audio video photo montages for celebrations and invitations. The future was bright and exciting.

Official Launch

Moving to Cape Town, I took another shift in gears having helped design quite a few projects while developing my reputation. I realised I had no real branding of my own, only my purple lightbulb and my dreams. I decided to take time out and focus on a new look and feel for Shapiro Creations. My ideas grew into a lightbulb exploding in colour, a much more appropriate direction for the brand. I built my first website and social media presence in 2018.

To be honest, it’s been a tough couple of years in the industry. I have worked on some of the most memorable, fantastic projects of my life. However, the world of technology has changed so drastically people are more inclined to tackle their own ideas head on. I questioned my own worth as a creative with the introduction of numerous sources for clients to design their projects themselves. The future was bleak, until now.

New Mission

After 5 years, the time has come for the future of Shapiro Creations to take off. With a fresh look and feel, a lightbulb exploding in flames, passion, and more creativity than ever before. I am proud to reintroduce myself as the designer and post producer for a talented Canadian Podcaster, a deadline driven video designer for my oldest client in Johannesburg, as well as the content creator for The Travelling Rabbi.

Shapiro Creations is on a new trajectory. I aspire to design and create production house quality graphics, with over a decade of skills and growth. Whether you are a corporate, a small business, an aspiring actress, a social media influencer, an events coordinator, or planning your wedding, I am the designer you need. I will bring your ideas to life with a professional result and my personal touch.

Get Ready to Experience Shapiro Creations like Never Before!

The last 5 years have been a rollercoaster ride. I have dedicated a page to my most memorable clients. I hope to add your next project to my list of creative excellence.